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I love birch trees! by Magda of Austin on Flickr.

When it’s the full moon, I always try to remember to leave a jar of water out to charge. I use the water in my tea, to wash my body, and to wash crystals. I don’t know, it may sound silly, but the energy of it all just makes me happy.


just started this drawing of Ostara, goddess of spring
hope to finish it by the end of the week…im gonna make her a bit more plump and full of life :)
i’ll also add lots of of beautiful flowers and butterflies and yaaay im excited

Tinctures are some of the most magical herbal medicines, and very easy to make. Soaking the herbs in strong alcohol for a few weeks brings out the herbal properties in full force. The shaking everyday helps to break down the cell walls and draw them out. Tinctures are basically really really strong teas. Instead of drinking a quart a day, you can take a dropperful three to six times a day instead. But they taste a whole lot worse. You can make them with alcohol, apple cider vinegar, or veggie glycerin (I will be talking about alcohol, but that is just a preference. They last almost indefinitely this way while they others expire sooner). DO NOT GIVE AN ALCOHOLIC AN ALCOHOL-BASED TINCTURE! It is a small amount, but it still heavily affects them. 
Another reason why to make/take tinctures is since they are in an alcohol (or other base that is not water) it takes only about 5 minutes for the medicine to get into the bloodstream and start taking effect. tea takes about half an hour.
There are two methods, the Simpliers and the more precise one. The precise one tries to recreate the tincture the same way every time, and I think takes away the individuality of each time. But some people prefere that. Simpliers is a whole lot easier and involves no math.
You can make them with just one herb, or with multiple.
Herbs. Any amount will do, you really don’t need much unless you are doing a large batch as presents or something. Since they are so powerful, and you use so little at a time, they usually last awhile unless you are on a regimin.
Alcohol. You want a 100 proof brandy or vodka. Don;t get flavored, that’s stupid. Trust me it will not make them taste better.
A wide-mouthed glass jar with a tight-fitting lid
A small bottle with a dropper. Not totally necessary, but the normal way they are sold and administered. A 1/8 teaspoon is about the equivalent for dosage if you cannot get one.
Optional- a stone or some other small special memento to put on top. Doesn’t really do much unless you believe in crystals holding energy and healing, which I somewhat do, but this is what I was taught.
Put the herbs in the jar. They do not need to fill it my any means.
Pour in alcohol, stop when it is about an inch or two above the herbs. Sometimes they float and this can be a little harder to tell, but if you have an eye for how much herb was in there before you added the alcohol you can guess.
Put the lid on, leave in a cool dark spot OUT OF DIRECT SUNLIGHT for 4-6 weeks
Shake vigorously everyday. Several times a day if you want. Dance with it. Think good thoughts.This energy you put into it now will be returned to your body (or whoever you give some to) when you use it. Herbal medicine is a relationship: Treat the herbs well and they will treat you the same back.
When the time is up, strain and bottle. Take with love.